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A00 Price Low price 14540 High price 14640 Average price 14590 Rise and fall +70 Date 2019-05-24

  • Quality first
    Established 23 years, 20 people high-end technology research and development team, advanced testing standards and perfect quality management
  • Strong
    Article 5 square meters production base, 16 production lines, annual output of 40000 tons of aluminum alloy construction profiles and industrial profiles
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    Keep the contract heavy credit enterprise, the quality good faith demonstration unit, the Chinese quality products promotion unit, a famous brand in guangdong province
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    Customer service network throughout the country and global customers, independent customer service department, 7x24 service concept
  • Dragon service
    Mould design, casting, extrusion, spray coating, oxidation, wood grain, and free to play board

       Founded in 1993, Gangxin Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the capital of China aluminum----Dali, Foshan in rich Pearl River delta. It’s a glory pearl of many aluminum factories in pearl river delta. The factory is near 321 National Road, Guangzhou to Foshan corridor. With a less-than-20 minute drive from Gangxin to Guangzhou or Foshan, its location is convenient for transportation.