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Foshan Gangxin Aluminum Co., Ltd

Address: Foshan City, Nanhai District, Shishan Town, Luomu Road and Guang Yun Road intersection of Hong Kong letter aluminum

Phone: +86-757-85500273 85581638

Fax: +86-757-85500448

Business contact: Mr. Zhou (+86-13790066902), 

Miss Zhong (+86-13590639429), Mr. Zhong, Miss Sun, Miss Wu

E-mail: gangxin@gangxin-alu.com

Alibaba: fsgangxin.1688.com



Service promise

Our company adheres to the tenet of "serving users, being responsible for users and satisfying users", continuously improves the product quality and service quality of the enterprise, and makes the following commitments:

(1) strictly perform all terms of the contract to ensure delivery on time and with quality;

(2) seriously abide by the "Three Guarantees" service. If there is any quality problem during the "Three Guarantees" period, we are responsible for repair, replacement and return. The warranty period is 12 months;

(3) if there is any question about the product in the use process, the supplier will reply immediately after receiving the response from the demander, and it can arrive in 24 hours if it needs to be handled on site.