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Gangxin aluminum industry

Founded in 1993, Gangxin aluminum industry is located in the rich Pearl River Delta. Foshan Dali, the aluminum capital of China, is a bright pearl among many aluminum production enterprises in the Pearl River Delta. The plant site of the company is adjacent to national highway 321 and Guangfo corridor. It is only ten minutes' drive from Guangzhou and Foshan, and the transportation is very convenient!

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Gangxin aluminum industry was founded first, formerly known as "Guangxin copper aluminum profile factory". At that time, there was only one casting production line and one aluminum extrusion production line.…


The company has added two extrusion production lines and imported German spraying lines, making Dali one of the first manufacturers with melting, extrusion and spraying products.…


Following the development of the government, the enterprise was renamed as "Dali Gangxin Aluminum Co., Ltd., Nanhai District, Foshan City", and Gangxin aluminum was officially restructured into a limited liability company. Gangxin Trademark Joi…


Nanhai District Administration for Industry and Commerce of Foshan City awarded the title of "contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise of Guangdong Province".…


The company expanded outward, invested 80 million yuan in Foshan (Yunfu) industrial transfer park of Yunfu high tech Zone, and established Guangdong Yingmei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., covering an area of 50000 square meters, with a registered ca…


The first phase of Yunfu production base has been completed. The production process is provided by mold, extrusion, oxidation, electrophoresis, sandblasting, fine sawing, logistics, etc.…


In November, Nanhai District People's Government of Foshan City issued the plaque of "Eagle plan" key supporting enterprises. 6 practical patents…


"Contract abiding and trustworthy enterprises in Guangdong Province for ten consecutive years" Enterprise standard "leader" certificate…


Nanhai Aluminum Association building

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