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Can the steel and aluminum industry calm down when the Sino US trade war begins?!

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In recent years, news of the "Sino US trade war" has swept the world, causing stock market shocks in many regions of the world. On March 23, Beijing time, President trump of the United States signed a presidential memorandum at the White House on tariffs on Chinese products exported to the United States, involving about $60 billion in commodity tariffs. On the same day, China's Ministry of Commerce released a list of suspended concessions for some imported agricultural products, pork and nuts from the United States. It plans to impose more than 15% tariffs on some imported products from the United States. The Sino US trade war is poised.

In the early morning of March 23, Beijing time, the United States announced that it would impose tariffs on some of China's commodities, with a scale of 60 billion US dollars, involving a number of high-tech products and industries, among which the hardest hit area is steel and aluminum products, so as to reduce the trade deficit between the United States and China.

In recent years, with its low cost and perfect industrial chain, China has gradually increased its share of aluminum products around the world. On the US side, data in recent years show that aluminum production has gradually declined, and some production capacity has been reduced due to backward technology and high production costs. Therefore, the voice of reducing the import of Chinese aluminum products has become more and more strong in the United States. President trump has repeatedly said in public that he will protect the development of domestic enterprises in the United States. The event triggered by this event is related to trump's own commitment to its people.

The United States imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum products, increased the price of steel and aluminum entering the United States, and to a certain extent, listed to protect the relatively backward steel and aluminum production capacity. As a result, the price and inventory of steel and aluminum products in China have brought about certain pressure, increased the export cost of these products, directly led to the reduction of steel and aluminum products, and reduced the competitiveness of some Chinese export enterprises. Chinese brands can not go out, there will be a series of problems, price increases, export reduction makes sales decline, serious enterprises even face the risk of bankruptcy.

On the other hand, China's steel and aluminum overcapacity, due to the application of production costs and advanced technology, the cost is gradually reduced, and export is an important measure to remove excess inventory. The unilateral trade protection measures of the United States may lead other countries to follow suit and establish tariff trade barriers, which will cause Chinese steel and aluminum enterprises to sink into the abyss, so as to protect their own enterprises.

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